“Dare To Know is a ‘must-have’ survival kit for Catholic living!” -Gene and Janet, parishioners, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Ever thought: Is Church teaching outdated? Why does the Church seem so out of touch? It seems like what the Church teaches just doesn’t make much sense…

If these kinds of thoughts have ever passed through your mind, or if someone you know has confronted you about them, don’t worry! You’re not alone. The answer is Dare To Know, a series of lighthearted, engaging classes for people who want to know what the Catholic Church really teaches, and why!

Led by author and Lighthouse Media’s Catholic Speaker Association member Dan Lord, Dare To Know provides an excellent environment where people of good will can share good food and wine, raise objections, ask questions, and prayerfully seek the truth. We have have the encouragement of South Carolina Bishop Robert Guglielmone, of local pastors, and of friends and fellow Christians everywhere:

“Dare To Know made me dare to think deeply and differently about complex societal issues through the prism of my Catholic faith” -Joanne, Catechist and RCIA Coordinator

How can you help?

1. First and foremost, please pray for the success of Dare To Know. This program has only recently launched, but it is already making a big difference in many people’s lives.

2. Join us! You can register for a session here.

3. Become a benefactor. We are seeking financial support as we launch Dare To Know and make it a positive response to everybody’s simple thirst for truth. Even if you only have one dollar that you can spare, we would be most grateful.

4. Stay in touch. Sign up for our mailing list to be kept abreast of new Dare to Know developments.

5. Share Dare to Know with your friends. At the heart of Dare to Know is a sense of community. That means that we need you, your friends, and your loved ones to join us as we endeavor to unite and strengthen the Body of Christ.

Thank you for your support, and keep in touch. God bless!

-Dan and Hallie Lord

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